Hydrosols as we know them today are a common and buzzword currently. They are being widely uses today in Beauty and Care Industry and a common household product. Throughout this blog we will try to get a clear insight on Hyrosols and will try to get following curiosities answered:

  1. What is Hydrosols & How Hydrosols are obtained?
  2. Are Floral Water and Hydrosols are same ?
  3. What are different type of Commonly Used Hydrosols ?
  4. What are the usages of Hydrosols?
  5. How Can an Hydrosol be Adulterated?
  6. How to buy an authentic & pure Hydrosol ?

What are Hydrosols and How Hydrosols are they Obtained?

Hydrosols or the floral water as we call them, is the water which is recovered during steam distillation of Essential Oils. When the plant such as Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, Jasmine Oil, Chamomile Oil etc. are distilled through steam distillation, water is condensed. Most of the volatile compounds are accumulated as Essential Oils. However, there are some compounds which are water solvent and they dissolve in steam.

When this steam condense post steam distillation, this water carries those water soluble compounds in it and is called Hydrosol or Hydrolate. This Hydrosol (water containing volatile compounds ) is filtered and packed for long term usage by the cultivators and sold in the market. 

Is Hydrosols and Floral Water Same or Different ?

Floral water is a conservative term, as Hydrosol is obtained when we steam distill Leaves, Barks, Seeds, Roots etc. So Hydrosol is more of an apt term to use for them. Floral Water is nothing but a more convincing and easy to appeal term for common masses used for Hydrosol, as Hydrosol appears to be more of a scientific term.

What are different types of commonly used Hydrosols ?

Multiple type of Hydrosols are used for various purposes and are used by people aware of there benefits and have found explored their worth by using them. All these Hydrosols have similar method of preparation and they are created when the raw material is steam distilled, so the steam that condense after passing through the raw material leads to the formation of these Hydrosols. Some of the usually used Hydrosols are as given below:

    • Chamomile Hydrosols
    • Rose Hydrosols
    • Lavender Hydrosols
    • Chamomile Hydrosols
    • Peppermint Hydrosols
    • Lemongrass Hydrosols
    • Neroli Hydrosols
    • Eucalyptus Hydrosols
    • Frankincense Hydrosols
    • Ginger Root Hydrosols
    • Helichrysum Hydrosols
    • Geranium Hydrosols
    • Rosemary Hydrosols
    • Tea Tree Hydrosols
    • Ylang Ylang Hydrosols

Usages of Hydrosols (Floral Waters):

In Aromatherapy, they are being widely used and with growing Aromatherapy awareness their demand too is rising. Hydrosols has got Applications both in Body Care, Personal Care and House Care. Multiple uses of Hydrosols is as given below:

Hydrosols for Body Care:

Hydrosols have got genuine and widespread application on Body Care. Floral water such as Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, Rose Water are being used in large quantities for hydrating and soothing the dry skin. Lavender Floral water helps in healing and soothing the burned skin due to Sun. If someone’s skin has got exposed to sun for long and they are feeling burned, Lavender Floral Water when applied on infected area not only cools the area but also has healing effect on the portion where this is applied. When these floral waters are used on hair after shampooing they condition the hair and add shine to the hair.

Chamomile Floral Water is said to remove the common puffy and dark circles from Eyes. Chamomile Water when soaked in 2 cotton pads and kept on each closed eye, begin to show if effect within 15 minutes of this practice. Dark circles get eliminated permanently when it is consistently used for long.

Similarly they are worth to keep essentials for Summers and Humid weather. Especially the Peppermint Hyrdroxol helps to cool the face when applied. As they are already a diluted form of plant volatiles so they can can be used on softer skins like of baby skins. They have been found to be effective in healing rashes and skin conditions when applied on infected area.

Natural Way of House Care and Hygiene Care through Hydrosols:

Hydrosols can be mixed with water when bathing for body healing or washing cloth for a pleasant smell. Similarly they can also be sprayed when ironing of the clothes for a natural and pleasant smell on the clothes which is long lasting.

Hydrosols can be sprayed on Sofa, Curtains, Bedding to naturally fill the space with positive aroma in the room and house.

Can the Hydrosols be Adulterated ?

 Yes, there are multiple sellers who can do adulteration to Hydrosols. They can add unnecessarily a large quantity of oil to the water and sell it like a Hydrosols. It may have similar smell that of Hydrosols but the properties may not be the same. Also, some prepare artificial Hydrosol with the use of Chemicals.

These hydrosols are not that beneficial and may be completely ineffective, on the other hand they tend to harm when used because of the harmful chemical they contain. Mixing is also done by addition of unwanted water just to increase the volume of Hydrosol but it dilutes it further and lead to weakening of the Hydrosol. Also, Hydrosol may not have the kind of quality expected from it, if it has not been properly filtered and refined before bringing it for final usage.

How to Identify the Quality Hydrosols?

 Best Quality Hydrosols are obtained when the condensed water is refined and packed under standard quality conditions without any contamination. Following are the ways to identify if the Hydrosol quality and buy better quality Hydrosols:

Whenever you are going to buy a Hydrosols, try to buy from those who are distilling in their own plant. As one who is just buying and packing may not be having control over the Hydrosol Quality. Distillers are aware of there quality and they produce them in sufficient quantity which they refine and pack for end us.

Hydrosol inside the pack should be as clear as mineral water. However, try and search about the company manufacturing the Hydrosols and select the one, which is trusted and itself manufacture these Hydrosols. Also, try not to buy which comes in lose packing , those with expired date crossed and those with which are being sold by faulty vendors.

Hope you would have got some understanding of Hydrosols, for any other query you are always welcome to post your questions, we would like to get them answered as best as I can.

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