Learning All About Diffusing Essential Oils

Learning All About Diffusing Essential Oils

Hey readers! Welcome back. Today I have come up with a rather different article which adds a new pinch to our daily read. This article is about the diffusion of essential oils. ‘Diffusion’ a term that takes us back to physics. Yes friends you read right, this phenomenon of physics is one way by which we can utilize the benefits of essential oils.

I assure you that I will try my best to disseminate all the important information regarding this topic. It is significant to have information regarding diffusion and its application in vast field of essential oil and aromatherapy. Without taking much of time, I will quickly let you know about the highlights of the article and then will move forward.


  • Linking diffusion and essential oil
  • Essential oil diffusers
  • The need for diffusing essential oil
  • Benefits of diffusing essential oils
  • Conclusion

Linking diffusion and Essential oil:

We first need to understand the process of diffusion and then we will understand it in terms of essential oils. So Diffusion is not a new word that we came across. The concept of diffusion has been a basic part of physics, chemistry, biology, and many other fields.

It is simply the movement of a substance from the area of high concentration to the area of low concentration. It takes place in liquids and gases because the mobility of particles occurs quickly. Now we have to link it with essential oils but before that let us have a quick summary of essential oils.

Essential oils are plant extracts and are retrieved from different plant parts like stem, leaves, bud, fruit peel, and seed using methods of distillation or mechanical methods like cold-pressing. The oil is also known as essential as it retains the plant’s fragrance and flavor. The specialty of the oils lies in their volatile nature because of which they quickly spread their fragrance.

The popular use of essential oil comes from the ancient belief. In ancient times, people used it for religious purposes and for embalming because of the fragrance it holds. Essential oils are extensively used in the field of aromatherapy which harness compounds present in oil for therapeutic benefits. Aromatherapy widely makes use of diffusers to spread the fragrance and bring mental clarity.

In our context diffusion is a process where volatile molecules of essential oils combine with surrounding air molecules. Needless to mention essential oils are liquids so diffusion is very likely possible.

Now let us have look at the types of diffusers that help in the process of diffusion.

Essential oil diffusers:

Essential oil diffusers serve the purpose of spreading aroma of essential oil throughout your home or workplace. There are many varieties of essential oil diffusers and these are safe alternative to synthetic air fresheners and scented candles. The use of diffusers brings peace and imparts many other benefits which we will discuss in coming section.

Types of essential oil diffusers are as follows:

  1. Nebulizing diffuser: Nebulizing diffuser also known as cold air is an efficient method of essential oil diffusion. The diffuser works on the principle of Bernoulli theorem which is part of fluid dynamics. These diffusers work without the need for heat and water. Thus they quickly disperse molecules without chemical alterations. They are best used for internal support such as pain issues or skin irritation.
  2. Ultrasonic diffuser: This is one common type of aromatherapy diffuser that requires water for dispersion. This way concentration of oil gets balanced in potency and aroma. They work wonderful for dry air and act as humidifiers. These diffusers use sonic waves to create fragile mist containing droplets of water and oil. They are generally used for uplifting mood and enhancing emotional support.
  3. Electric diffusers: These diffusers use electricity to heat essential oil or power fans to increase the evaporation and dispersion of oil. They range from discrete pocket-sized to batter powered personal diffusers.
  4. Evaporative diffusers: These types of diffusers use absorbent materials like pads for essential oil distribution. They simply release essential oil into the atmosphere through evaporation.  Some diffusers are also powdered by fan which allows oil to evaporate more quickly throughout the area.

There are also some traditional diffuser appliances like oil lamps, candle diffusers, and aroma heaters. It should be kept in mind that diffusers work best in a well-ventilated area and diffuse oils over a short period of time like 15-20minutes. Think like when you give your nose a break, you actually give your body a break to absorb and work. This will reduce olfactive fatigue.

Now when we know the process of diffusion in essential oil and types of diffusers, it is time to move to our next segment which talks about the need of diffusing essential oil. And I will be waiting to hear from you in the comment section why you prefer diffusing essential oils, do comment.

Need for diffusing essential oils:

Before you ask yourself the importance of diffusion, I would like to bring forth the need of diffusing essential oils. It is actually fun and easy activity to carry forward with add on benefits. Diffusion of essential oil helps to create the desired ambiance. The very leading reason for diffusing essential oils is to fill the room or area with the astonishing natural fragrance of essential oils. I am sure you prefer diffusing essential oil for this reason only.

Diffusion takes into consideration the power of scent which is by far the safest means of using essential oils. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses, though it varies from individual to individual. You have probably noticed that you step into a place and quickly get connected with the aroma of the place. That’s how essential oils make difference. By dispersing essential oil into the air we breathe, one can control the feeling of our environment and surprisingly our emotions too. Inhalation of essential oil works both emotionally and therapeutically.

After knowing the need of diffusion, let us quickly read the various benefits of diffusing essential oil.

Benefits of diffusing essential oils:

One benefit that outshines others is the aroma of the essential oil. It connects with your body in a beautiful way. But I must say there are numerous other benefits too which are mentioned below:

  • Purify air: Diffusion of essential oils helps to purify the air in the home. As the diffusion releases natural compounds in the air, unlike air fresheners that overload it with unhealthy chemicals.
  • Brings emotional stability: As the diffusion of oil is linked with emotional stability they bring the feeling of happiness and increase the flow of positive energy.
  • Reduce stress: Studies confirmed that the diffusion of oils helps to reduce stress and help relieve anxiety.
  • Overcome insomnia: The fragrance of essential oil creates an atmosphere full of serenity which improves sleep pattern and help to overcome insomnia.
  • Control eating pattern: Oil diffusers stimulate senses in a way that works to curb appetite.
  • Eases pain: Diffusing essential oils can also be an effective way to lessen pain.


Essential oil diffusion with help of diffusers is a secure and helpful approach towards mental and physical health. Inhalation of oil is altogether a safe way to go for. At your best, follow all the precautions to avoid any allergic reactions. Diffusion methods put a multitude of benefits in front which are worth a try.

I hope the article was insightful to you. Feel free to comment and share your views.

Thank you.


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