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Customer First Company
Our Clients are in Our Minds and they are at the Core of our Decision Making Process and Work.
Sustainability & Empathy
Imbibing & Inculcating Sustainable Practices in all Possible Business Processes & Working with Empathy for Harmonious Business Ecosystem.
Aroma & Allegiance
Aroma and allegiance are in the air at Ayuroma.


Ayuroma is creating a sustainable ecosystem for essential oils through sharing and caring. Knowledge, Finance, Technology & Research is being shared among different stakeholders in the ecosystem. We also care about the environment. Learn more about our sustainability efforts.

Customer First Company

Welcome to the world of Essential Oils at Ayuroma. We are one of the fastest growing company emerged from the heartland of organic and natural essential oils in India, Kanpur. Since its first day of inception in the year 2006, we have been working to source the purest and benchmark quality product to customers

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essentials oils manufacturer

In Each and every problems we solve, bold but landmark decisions we make,suppliers we create, people we hire, contacts we establish, growth we make, infrastructure we create, or research we conduct, we do it all keeping our customers in mind. Being a customer first company also implies that from the very beginning, we know what matters most for our customer is their customers. Keeping this in our thought and actions, each and every individual of our organization is committed to the promise of highest standards of quality and towards on time delivery to you so that you can keep the same to your customer through quality product.

We Love Essential Oils

Our organization is in complete love with essential oils. Our values, operating systems and our approach, all point towards our love for our work and our products. As a team we love what we do and are passionate towards making promisesand keeping them with our stakeholders.


Private Label and Contract Manufacturing

Our love for essential oils are quality standards and our expertise have let to Ayuroma engaging in contract manufacturing, private label development for domestic as well as multinational companies.

Learn more about our methodologies and how we differentiate in it

Membership and Certification


Carrier oil FAQ’s

Good evening folks! In this article we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions related to carrier oils. …

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