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Our Founder :

The Director and the founder of the company Mr. Anurag, a farmer’s son, who hails from the land of essential oils and has interest in essential oils and fragrance from Childhood. Having Grown, playing and toiling in the fields of Organic herbs, his interest in essential oil kept growing by the day. His interest in herbs and oils made him toil the length and the breadth of the country; he visited every nook and corner of the country and intensively engaged himself with the local communities dealing in Organic Essential Oils cultivation. Having visited and himself having worked with communities for about 7 years, he realized certain serious problems being faced by indigenous growers such as lack of scientific approach to cultivation, availability of fair and transparent market for the cultivators and absence of availability of trusted and transparent sourcing markets to the end users. Having a deep desire to help the cultivators and provide a fair marketplace for essential oil community, he led the foundation of Ayuroma in a small office in Kanpur in the year 2006. With his vision and commitment to help the cultivators, fight adulteration and create an organization of transparency for all, he has been able to create one of the fastest growing company of India. He faced multiple challenges of varying levels, but always stood over values. Today with his team he has been able to create an organization known in the industry for its quality, transparency and commitments.

Welcome to the world of Essential Oils at Ayuroma. We one of the fastest growing company emerged from the heartland of organic and natural essential oils in India, Kanpur. Since its first day of inception in the year 2006, we have been working to source the purest and benchmark quality product to customers.
Ayuroma is a customer first company. In Each and every problems we solve, bold but landmark decisions we make,suppliers we create, people we hire, contacts we establish, growth we make, infrastructure we create, or research we conduct, we do it all keeping our customers in mind. Being a customer first company also implies that from the very beginning, we know what matters most for our customer is their customers. Keeping this in our thought and actions, each and every individual of our organization is committed to the promise of highest standards of quality and towards on time delivery to you so that you can keep the same to your customer through quality product.

We love Essential Oils :

Our organization is in complete love with essential oils. Our values, operating systems and our approach, all point towards our love for our work. As a team we love what we do and are passionate towards making promises and keeping them with our stakeholders.

Our Integration for cutting edge and on-time product delivery:

Backened Integration :

Our suppliers and cultivators are our major strength, they have enabled us in keeping our core values intact towards our customers. Keeping this in mind we have created a strong , transparent and trustworthy network among farmers, cultivators, vendors and suppliers within and outside the country. We are sourcing from all 29 states and 6 territories of India, dealing with around 400000 growers from around 8000 villages, directly or indirectly affecting 4 MN people and empowering them, simultaneously strengthening our sourcing capacities. TO ensure that it is organically produced, each and every cultivator is mapped on its process of production, harvesting and his fundamental business ethics.

Forwards Integration :

To better gauge the customer’s need and to solve there problems we have a highly effective practice of reaching to our customer’s customer. This has enabled us well aware of our customers’ requirement. Our forward integration, now covers all expects of creating an effective, quality and trusted products for our buyers. Our ATRIC, Manufacturing Unit, Trained Team and Our continuous interaction with customers the world over, has enabled us to deliver the best product. We have our presence and catering to customers present in the continents of Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, North America & South America. Our Sales and Business Development have interacted with customers in these continents have dedicated our efforts to understand the location and region specific behaviour. Being a customer first company, we have constantly carved and designed region and customer specific solutions through the strengths and learning obtained from forward integration.

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